Sudbury Valley School Press

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Kingdom of Childhood

What do students say about life at Sudbury Valley? This book is a remarkable series of vivid personal recollections of school, in the words of former students, drawn from comprehensive, reflective interviews, telling what they did, and how they felt about their Sudbury Valley School experience.

The Sudbury Valley School Journal

The Journal publishes essays relating to the development of the concepts underlying the Sudbury model, as well as articles and vignettes about the life of the school.

A Clearer View eBook

To celebrate the school’s 30th anniversary, a series of talks was presented showing how people who struggled to implement this new educational model deepened their understanding of topics such as play,, conversation, and democracy. This book is valuable for parents considering a Sudbury education.

The Lives of Alumni DVD

“I was just a kid from East Boston who was not sure that this was going to be the right fit for me but I think in my time here I decided that I was going to make it the right fit for me. Success can be a choice and you certainly can do that here. You can go in any path that you like.”

Sudbury Valley – the Easiest School or the Hardest?

Many people think that Sudbury Valley is an easy school, many think that it is hard. The truth, it turns out, is much more subtle and depends entirely on your point of view. This lecture talks about “easy” and “hard” from a very new angle.